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for [community profile] bandombigbang 2013, wave 3.

Title: The Heart You Need
Author: [personal profile] flyby
Band(s): My Chemical Romance, cameos
Pairing(s): Frank/Gerard
Word Count: ...92,850 *cries*
Rating: MA/Explicit/NC-17
Warning(s): graphic violence; (offscreen) minor character death; alcohol/drug use & implied addiction

How the Killjoys became the Killjoys.

...if the Killjoys were telepathic space pirates.

(Featuring superheroes and sidekicks, sneaky illegal activities after dark, broken hearts and bitter grudges, and a whole lot of get up and go.)

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Slipstream by [personal profile] falter
flyby: [kingdom hearts: kairi and the heart of the world] (and hope that our hearts will blend)
[personal profile] falter created an amazing mix for my (monster) fic The Heart You Need. It is PERFECT and I love it so much.

Streaming here or download

track listing
Slipstream, a mix by falter
created for The Heart You Need, written by flyby

beta thanks to concinnity <3

your mother wants to know | 3:22 | Scrawl
hundreds of sparrows | 2:27 | Sparklehorse
hyper-ballad | 4:18 | Blanket Music
well worn hand | 2:57 | Editors
lemon scent | 4:21 | Dead Sara
hit | 3:30 | The Jesus & Mary Chain
crying just for show | 3:32 | The French Kicks
glass hotel | 3:29 | Robyn Hitchcock
the whores hustle and the hustlers whore | 4:00 | PJ Harvey
he's on drugs again | 4:26 | Sardina
the glory of man | 2:58 | Minutemen
you don't know how it feels | 4:49 | Tom Petty
janie jones | 2:06 | The Clash
worth the wait | 2:43 | We Are Scientists
alien she | 1:41 | Bikini Kill
kiss and make up | 2:31 | Blake Babies
addicted | 3:37 | IO Echo
get some go again | 2:13 | Rollins Band

eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ♥


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